Cookies and Canvas

Create painted masterpieces on canvas while enjoying a sweet treat. Single sessions make this fun and affordable. Each session will be a new image such as sunsets, butterflies, and more. This fun learning experience includes art, music, and sweets. All supplies included (paint, canvas, and treats) Be sure to wear clothes to paint in! Ages 7-14.

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Wednesday, April 2019, 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM  
Hickam Arts & Crafts Center, 335 Kuntz Ave, Bldg 1889


 Cookies and Canvas February 21, 2018

A super fun session with our very talented artists. Beautiful paintings created in only two hours. Absolutely Amazing!

The oatmeal creme cookies and brownies were yummy delicious.


 Cookies and Canvas March 7, 2018

  4-4-2018 Hickam Arts and Crafts Center

Pics of 3/27/2019  Funny Fish