Selection and Services

Hawaii Landscapes - Tropical Scenes - Musical - Flowers - Creative Designs 

We have a wide selection of paintings and styles to choose from as the project for your Paint Fling Party.

A private party includes your choice of a painted masterpiece, acrylic paint, brushes, canvases, easels, palettes, water container, aprons, paper towels and photos. PaintFling is suitable for home parties, holiday parties, birthdays, corporate team building, charity events and more! We can turn any occasion into a fun and creative experience for you and your guests!

Family Fun!

PaintFling Fundraiser

Your location: the cost per attendee is $45.00, with a minimum of 35 participants, 50 maximum.

PaintFling will donate $10 per person.

Easy Step by Step

Simplified methods for creating your masterpiece!  Proven professional techniques for first timers and avid painters of all ages.

Couples Diptych Paintings

Selected Supplies

You'll be provided with a quality cotton 16" x 20" canvas, a set of brushes best suited for the techniques and a variety of acrylic colors. 

Youth Paint Fling Party

Kids ages 12 to 16 paint on a 11″ x 14″ canvas: $300 for up to 10 painters, and $30 per additional painter

Private Party Pricing

Adults $450 for up to 10 painters, and $45 per additional painter. 

To book a private party or event today:

Call or Text Dennis at (808-381-6875)

 e-mail us at

Wahiawa, Oahu, Hawaii

An event for couples, siblings, or best friends to create two halves of a single image or choose to create their own images separately. Each half of the design can be displayed alone or beside it's counterpart to create a double panel painting! 

       Adults $400 for up to 5 couples,             additional $80 per couple

Couples PaintFling Party


Supplying Hawaii military families and dependants with art lessons since 2012.

We proudly contribute to our community through art donations to organizations including: Habilitat, American Lung Association, Sunset School Art program and more.